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**DERMAPEN4 treatments are the only CIT treatment that DOES NOT require the use of topical local anesthetic cream**

•  The world's most advanced skin needling treatment

•  Based on acupuncture, stimulates the body’s own collagen production

•  An alternative to laser resurfacing

•  Results include: increases collagen regeneration, cell proliferation and regeneration, gives a deep exfoliation, increases product absorption, regulates pigmentation, reduces the appearance of Rosacea and damaged capillaries, reduces pore size and size of scars

•  Biomimetic, safe, non-invasive

•  Offers one of the best anti-aging results possible

•  Builds healthier, thicker, firmer skin, achieving a more youthful complexion

•  Immediate results continuing to improve for months, lasting until the tissue ages naturally with the passing of time

•  A course of treatments are recommended for skin correction

Dermapen, Collagen Induction Therapy (C.I.T) or Skin Needling is a procedure which works by stimulating your body’s own collagen production.  CIT is an alternative to laser skin resurfacing.  The needling device tricks your body, to naturally regenerate and revitalise using its own natural healing response. Over time, this process builds healthy, thicker, firmer skin cells, creating beautiful skin to achieve a younger looking you.


The treatment is a biomimetic treatment that simulates the skins natural function; it is safe, non-invasive and offers one of the best anti-aging results possible.


Skin results occur over 4  weeks and continue for a number of months. A course of treatment is recommended for skin correction and long-term skin health.

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