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Cosmedical grade naturally active ingredients.  Organic where possible, without nasty petrochemicals, fillers, artificial colours and fragrances... and never tested on animals.  Results you will feel and see!

Every facial treatment is personalised for ultimate skin results and delivered with extra TLC.  Enjoy the pure indulgence of hand,arm, neck, shoulder, face and scalp massage, along with heat packs to soothe sore, tired muscles for ultimate relaxation.



45 minute treatment - 6 different medical grade enzyme treatments, 4 different alginate recovery masks, individualised skin results.




45 minute treatment - for all skin types.  Microdermabrasion removes dead skin and blackheads.  Results for oily, acne, dehydrated, thickened, mature or sun damaged skin.

Face                                            139.0

Face and neck                           149.0

Face, neck and decollatage     159.0

Add Microdermabrasion            50.0

Add a second treatment             49.0

Add a leave on treatment           49.0

Add Medi-Foot Peel                     49.0

Add G&M mindfullness journey 19.0

Face                                              99.0
Face, neck and décolletage     119.0
Add custom alginate mask        25.0

Add treatment peel                     49.0

Add Medi-Foot Peel                     49.0

Includes pre microdermabrasion enzyme treatment and post hydrating mask for the best results.




1 hour treatment - personalised for your skin type.  Perfect for an O beginner or lover.

Face, neck and décolletage        99.0
Add customised alginate mask 25.0

Add Medi-Foot Peel                     49.0

Add G&M mindfullness journey 19.0



30 minute treatment - personalised for your skin type.  Ideal for busy people needing a pick me up!  A brilliant lunch time treat or first facial treatment.

Face, neck and décolletage        69.0
Add customised alginate mask 25.0

Add Medi-Foot Peel                     49.0

Add G&M mindfulness journey  19.0


1 hour treatment - 5 Ginger&Me experiences - Age-defying, Lemon Brightening, Hydrating, Purifying and Corrective. The experience chosen determines which relaxing mindfulness session you will listen to.


Ginger&Me treatments are results driven working at a cosmetic-medicine level. 

A world first, Ginger&Me Mindfulness Signature Facial and Mindfulness session.  A true skin and mind treatment experience. A modern day relaxing spa treatment that nurtures the skin and the mind in equal parts, using a mindfulness session to support mental health and youthful skin.


Ginger&Me have created luxurious Mindfulness POWER-TUDE Treatment Protocols to treat more than just skin.

Studies have proven there is a direct correlation between the skin and how it reacts to our emotions. Our skin is a clear indicator of our physical and emotional health.

When a Ginger&me mask is applied so are the headphones.

Face, neck and decollatage      129.0

Add Microdermabrasion             50.0

Add Medi-Foot Peel                     49.0

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