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Carefully curated to elevate skincare from a chore to a daily ritual of self-care and ultimate self-love, NEUROCOSMEDICS’ balm quartet joins its much-loved B3 Glow Mask to saturate the skin in goodness.

Named Prevention Beauty Awards ‘Best Night Balm':

● Lifting Skin Balm promotes correction of wrinkle depth, treatment of fine lines and improvement of skin quality

● Brightening Skin Balm targets brightening and inhibits the production of pigmentation

● Protection Skin Balm supports the management of inflammation, skin barrier protection and repair

● Clear Skin Balm offers powerful antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Pair with B3 Glow Mask for long-term visible levels of increased hydration, brightening and glow!

B3 & Balm

AU$144.00 Regular Price
AU$115.00Sale Price
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