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Made in collaboration with Dr Steven Gabriel, PhD, Expert in Regenerative Medicine and Anti-ageing, Gerontologist, long time fan of One Truth 818.


SCIENTIFIC SUPPLEMENTS are the perfect partner to our popular Scientific Skincare range because beauty is not only skin deep, anti-ageing must come from the inside too.


ELIMINATE works in synchronicity with REPAIR. While we are keeping your telomeres as long as possible-there will be cells that develop critically short telomeres. Those cells can wreak havoc on neighbouring cells and age your entire body. These dangerous cells create the “waterfall effect” of ageing. It’s important that we do everything we can to turn those cells off or eliminate them. ELIMINATE is designed to eliminate or shut off those cells that age your mind and body.


Senolytic Therapy 3 x 500mg capsules contain:
Quercetin 525mg, Epigallocatechin gallate (green tea extract) 525mg, Pterostilbene 300mg, Zinc 60mg, Black pepper extract 6mg, Also contains magnesium stearate, hypromellose and natural colouring. Vegan. Free from gluten and dairy.


What happens when telomeres are beyond 'critically short'?  When telomeres get too short the cell can no longer divide and the cell dies.  Sometimes it self-destructs (which is preferable, actually) and other times it hangs around unable to function properly and aptly nicknamed a 'zombie cell'. 


New research into senolytic cells teaches us some alarming facts about the impact of these zombie cells.  Not only can they get in the way of normal processes but they can also encourage healthy cells to malfunction too, as if recruiting an army of zombies.  Sadly, even a small fraction of zombie cells can hinder healing, immunity and health.  That's why 'Eliminate', our senolytic therapy is designed to clear these senescent cells as quickly as possible, to avoid the damage they can inflict.


At One Truth 818 we are the telomere experts and we are proud to be able to share this cutting edge research with you and tell the whole telomere story.  The long and the short of it!

Eliminate - Senolytic

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