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Skin health is an inside job, that’s why true transformations require a dual approach where topical actives are boosted by the support of internal nutricosmetics.

In this powerful Hydration Heroes duo, O Cosmedics Hydrators combine with OPTY.NC’s Ingestible Serum Elixirs to replenish hydration and deliver essential vitamins for radiant skin from the inside out!

IMMORTAL CREAM + MOISTURE SURGE = For all skins concerned with age prevention and correction.

The gold standard in anti-aging and deep hydration, this powerhouse duo ensures skin receives a punchy cocktail of antioxidants for protection from the inside out, as well as rapidly boosting hydration, collagen and elastin support and complete barrier repair.

COMFORT CREAM + MOISTURE SURGE = For dry, dehydrated, compromised and aging skins.

Dedicated to hydration and skin barrier repair, this duo works synergistically to ensure skin has more than enough Omegas and fatty acids to protect against water depletion, whilst being loaded with antioxidant protection.

RECOVERY CREAM + DERMAL RESTORE = Perfect for weakened and reactive skins looking for youth and radiance.

Better together, these two strengthen and rebuild weakened, reactive and stressed skin by supporting the wound healing process and increasing oxygen uptake, nervous system and immune health and rapidly reducing inflammation both internally and externally.

REBALANCING CREAM + DERMAL CLARITY = Suitable for acne-prone and hormonally challenged skins with breakouts, oil imbalance and congestion.

Congestion killers and oil regulators, this duo gives skin all the support it needs to not only feel less oily but also to fight infection from unhealthy bacteria through the power of pre, pro and post-biotics that strengthen the gut and skin’s microbiome.

Hydration Heroes

AU$165.00 Regular Price
AU$140.25Sale Price
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