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Made in collaboration with Dr Steven Gabriel, PhD, Expert in Regenerative Medicine and Anti-ageing, Gerontologist, long time fan of One Truth 818.


SCIENTIFIC SUPPLEMENTS are the perfect partner to our popular Scientific Skincare range because beauty is not only skin deep, anti-ageing must come from the inside too.

REPAIR helps keep your mind and body young. It uses all natural ingredients that work together to activate telomerase to help lengthen your telomeres, as well as the key natural ingredients that protect your telomeres from shortening.


Telomere Support 4x 500mg capsules contain:

Curcumin 1000mg, L Carnosine 500mg, Silybin 200mg, Glutathione 100mg, Astragalus 80mg, Black pepper extract 8mg, Vitamin D (10,000i.u) Also contains magnesium stearate, hypromellose and natural colouring, Vegan. Free from gluten and dairy.


It has long been known that keeping telomeres long is the key to youth.  The longer your telomeres, the younger you are biologically.  Almost every disease known to humankind has been linked to critically short telomeres.  Lucky for us there are proven, natural ingredients that can re-lengthen your telomere and others that can slow down the rate of shortening.  A combination of these proven ingredients is used in our 'Repair' formula so we can tackle telomere shortening from multiple angles.

Repair - Telomere Support

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