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O COSMEDICS SKIN-INJECT MTS (Micro-Needling Therapy System) Derma Roller (0.25mm) utilises 600 gamma-sterilised, micro-needles to effectively and visibly rejuvenate and regenerate the skin’s own natural healing response. The independently rotating disks with advanced silicon suspension system provide the most comfortable and beneficial treatment possible, whilst reducing procedure downtime.


O COSMEDICS Skin-Inject MTS Derma Roller supports:


• CIT Collagen Induction Therapy

• SRT Scar Reduction Therapy

• Cosmedical Product Infusion

• Skin Aging

• Lines and Wrinkles

• Acne and Pimples

• Enlarged Pores

• Pigmentation

• Body Stretch Marks

• Refreshed, Revived and Awakened Complexion

O Skin-Inject Derma Roller - 0.25MM

SKU: 0001
  • Whilst we have your needs in mind, please note because we do not have the benefit of seeing your skin the responsibility falls on you to choose the right products and because of this we do not take back stock sold over the Internet.

    If in doubt, you should always visit our clinic so we can personally see you and analyse your skin needs.

    Being a cosmedical range means the product we sell not only uses the most active ingredients but also many in one formulation and all at their highest recommended dosage (or %) in order to give you the skin difference you are looking for. The key is to start slow and introduce new actives one product at a time. Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your product purchase –

    • Wherever possible work with a skin expert to ensure you are getting the best advice.
    • Remove your cleanser with a washcloth to ensure you are taking all dirt, grime, pollution and makeup off, always do a second cleanse when wearing makeup.
    • Always use a corrector for your specific skin condition (you may use one in the morning and a different one at night).
    • Pat products onto the skin, do not excessively rub them in.
    • Pure C+BHA, Potent Retinol Serum and Retinol Concentrate are to be mixed into a hydrating cream or lotion (not used neat on the skin).
    • Introduce retinol to the skin every second to third night only when you are first starting.
    • It is normal for your skin to feel warm, flush and or tingle when first using a cosmedical product; as long as the feeling dissipates you don’t need to do anything.
    • If skin stays warm, gets red, flakey or sensitive simply ease of with the correctors and slowly reintroduce them (every other day).

    If you have any questions or need any further support please do not hesitate to call Releaf Skin Clinic on 0416 612 250 or email us 

    Enjoy your purchase and make sure you keep up to date with new products and tips on our Releaf Skin Clinic Facebook page

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