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The clinic's main focus is on skin and holistic health.  With this in mind, realising that guests still enjoy a little pampering and preeningdd on treatments enhance your experience.  Customise your perfect session by adding to your clinical treatment from the offerings below.


Brow shape                                  25.0

Lip                                                 17.5

Chin                                               19.5

Sides of face                                19.5


Lash tint                                       21.0

Custom blend brow tint              21.0

Hybrid lash tint                            35.0


G&M 7 day foot peel                    33.0

Medi Foot Peel                             59.0

Exfoliating mask, sugar scrub and hot towel therapy                        39.0


30 minutes of indulgence, signature relaxation balm, finishing with soothing hot towel therapy        49.0

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