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One Truth 818 contains 50ml of serum, lasting approx 8 – 10 weeks.


A light, cooling gel with a velvety feel. Non-tacky and non-greasy it absorbs almost instantly into the skin.
Containing the world’s most potent and unique telomerase activating ingredient which has the power to re-lengthen telomeres and un-do ageing at a cellular level.


Rich in phospholipids such as sunflower and lecithin, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, jojoba esters and macadamia emollients making One Truth 818 Serum incredibly hydrating to the skin. As well as phenomenal visual age reversal of the skin, tests also show a decrease in transepidermal water loss from use of One Truth 818 Serum.


  • Proven biological age reversal.
  • Naturally fragranced with an eco-certified fragrance.
  • 50ml unit lasts approx. 2 months when used morning and evening

One Truth 818 Serum 50ml

SKU: 0002
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