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Professional strength with V8 Peptide Complex®  |  30ML


  • A powerful concentration of 100% pure bioactive Retinol with superior stability and potency.
  • Retinol Concentrate uses the highest allowable concentration of Retinol before a prescription.
  • Its skin renewing benefits make it a first class anti-aging tool!
  • V8 Peptide Complex® ensures skin is super hydrated and rejuvenated.
  • Five stars!
  • A must have for anti-aging.
  • Perfect for all skins that have used high strength Vitamin A before.

Retinol Concentrate (1%)

    • Mix 1-2 pumps of Retinol Concentrate into 1-2 pumps of O Cosmedics treatment hydrator before application.
    • Mix on finger tips and apply to face and throat.
    • Begin usage every third or fourth evening and gradually increase usage to every 1-2 days giving your skin time to build up tolerance and avoid sensitisation.
    • Not to be used neat on the skin.
    • Use in the evening.
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