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Fortified with Lakesis & L22  |  20G


  • Youth Activating Oil-Balm is a corrective treatment serum rich in vitamins and fatty acids.
  • The L22 restores the skin’s lipid composition to that of a healthy 22 year old, while the Lakesis increases the production of Klotho (a youth protein), in the fibroblast and reactivates cellular detoxification.
  • Heavenly!
  • Perfect for dry dehydrated aging skins looking for extra comfort and nourishment.

Youth Activating Oil-Balm

    • Emulsify half a pump on fingers tips and apply to skin after serum and before or after treatment hydrator.
    • Take care not to overuse – less is best.
    • Dewy Skin Tips: For a dewy skin finish mix a small amount in with your hydrator or into your foundation.
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